Aether Engine

Access New Levels Of Computing Power

Aether Engine is a cloud game engine that allows you to rapidly develop and efficiently operate large-scale MMO and connected games

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Key Problems

Developers everywhere are struggling when scaling and deploying their applications:

  1. Developers are being constrained by a 40-year old, outdated technology stack – stopping them from building the new generation of cloud-based, large-scale, globally-available applications.
  2. New tools and plug-ins cause significant disruption because they don’t fit naturally into existing systems.
  3. These changes to the development processes traditionally add substantial development time to projects with significant quality assurance time required to ensure programs stay live.
  4. When large-scale applications are eventually deployed the substantial cost implications can mean the project’s scopes are limited and therefore, so is their effectiveness and uptake.


With Aether Engine, developers can find a plethora of benefits from a tool which isn’t beholden to an outdated tech stack.

  1. Aether Engine has been designed from the ground up to fit with upcoming platform opportunities. Optimised for Cloud, Edge, and 5G technologies, it’s a scalable entity for organisations as they prepare for billions of inputs and users.
  2. Aether Engine connects seamlessly into your existing workflows with full integration into any cloud and game engine as well as with 3rd party SDKs (such as PhysX and Havok), and IDEs (such as Visual Studio).
  3. Aether Engine provides a complete toolset for large-scale development allowing engineers access to a suite of management, monitoring, and debugging tools for quicker time-to-market and less downtime.
  4. Aether Engine automatically provisions and de-provisions cores, optimising the performance of your programs and reducing wasted resource allocations.

About Hadean

Who is Hadean?

Hadean was founded in 2015 with the intention of helping humanity overcome some of its greatest challenges including climate change, terminal diseases, and educational inequality. Through our next generational technology, we are hoping to empower everyone to new levels and achieve more with less.

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