Monte Carlo Simulation

Run complex monte carlo simulations with billions of variations with a simple command.

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Genome Alignment

Run predictable genome alignment routines without the hassle of capacity planning.

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Spatial Simulation

Adaptive compute allows high resolution spatial simulations with billions of entities.

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No More Infrastructure Complexity
Set Your Algorithms Free
The Current Process
Re-write several times.
Re-engineer for each cloud.
Re-engineer scale.

Writing distributed code is hard. You need to build a prototype, test it and then hand it over to engineering to scale it for production - then you're told it can't be done without considerable cost and refactoring. Infrastructure constraints mean you're never free to focus on just the code. 

Hadean Platform

A dedicated platform for complex algorithms

The Hadean Process
Any algorithm.
At any scale.
Across any cloud.

The code you write first time is the code you run at scale. The Hadean platform understands your algorithms compute needs and will determine the best way to execute it. It doesn't require any re-engineering or complex architecture design. You are free to leave infrastructure concerns in the past and focus on just the code.

The Hadean Platform
Key Components
No Java, No JVM
Get closer to the hardware.

Avoid annoyances such as garbage collection, "stop-the- world" pauses and leaky abstractions.

Cloud Agnostic
Forget vendor lock in.

Execute your algorithms across Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google or Oracle individually, or simultaneously.

Adaptive Scaling
No need for lengthy capacity planning.

Set your budget and let Hadean manage the best way to run your algorithm.

No Restrictions
No time or memory limitations.

Unlike traditional FaaS we don't enforce runtime restrictions.

Intelligent Resources
Let the compute optimize itself.

Hadean performance tunes itself to execute your algorithms with the optimum result in mind. 

Serverless Design
Focus on just the algorithm.

Run your C, Rust, Node.js, Java, C# and Python without any infrastructure concerns.

About Hadean

Hadean is throwing out the rule book on distributed computing. We're optimizing the entire compute stack so developers and scientists can run the algorithms they want to run, without worrying about the limitations and complexities of infrastructure engineering.

Postal Address

Hadean, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS.

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Business Phone

+44 (0) 2035 141 170

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