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Phase Two

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“Phase Two is even bigger and better, with Hadean and CCP Games targeting 10,000 players in a single battle while also offering a richer, deeper gameplay experience that aims to set a new world record in large-scale multiplayer simulation.”
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"This time around, the devs are aiming to take things up a notch as they set their sights on getting 10,000 players to fight a single battle and possibly set a new world record for the largest multiplayer simulation." logo
"CCP has been working together with Hadean, a London-based company, to improve its online architecture. The effect of this partnership is also the Aether Wars project. It's a tech demo that tests Hadean's networking solutions, allowing up to ten thousand players to fight each other at the same time." logo

Aether Engine is a cloud engine that allows you to rapidly develop and efficiently operate large-scale MMO and connected games

Bring unprecedented gameplay to life

Explore emergent design possibilities with tens of thousands of players and millions of entities in a persistent, single-instanced game world

Accelerate your development cycle

Write your code once and deploy it instantly, whether on a single laptop or across tens of thousands of cores

Effortlessly grow your game

Aether Engine automatically handles scaling, load balancing, networking, and persistence so you can focus on game design and programming

Fully modifiable from day one

Aether Engine comes with source code out of the box and seamlessly integrates with any engine, cloud, or tooling that you and your team work with

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Use Cases

Game Developers

A cloud engine for persistent MMO games

Aether Engine enables studios and developers to create unbounded, dynamically scaling game worlds with unprecedented scale and fidelity

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High fidelity Cathedral Render

Life sciences

Biomedical research with the Francis Crick Institute

Using the same cloud engine that’s powering our game development projects, we have partnered with the world renowned Francis Crick Institute to unlock new possibilities in their cancer research initiatives

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Built on HadeanOS

HadeanOS is a cloud-first operating system that enables applications to dynamically scale. Running on bare metal, it provides a faster, more reliable, and more powerful platform for distributed computing

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