The Power and Scale of Massively Distributed Compute

Ship and run cross-cloud applications, distributed by default and instantly scalable

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Rewriting the Laws of the Cloud


Hadean’s distributed compute platform offers a breakthrough in the power and scale of cloud-based IT infrastructure. Global organisations can now harness the full force of unlimited cross-cloud compute to solve their most complex problems, in real-time.





What is Hadean?

The only distributed computation platform capable of instantly distributing and running applications across multiple cloud instances, delivering immense scale and performance.

Why is it Different?

By setting its own rules for memory and processing across IT infrastructure, Hadean can split and allocate tasks simultaneously to any number of servers, in any cloud.

“Serverless computation is going to fundamentally change not only the economics of what is the back-end computing, but it’s going to be the core of the future of distributed computing.”

Satya Nadella - Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft


Compute's Fundamental Problem


  • The last ten years have seen a revolution in cloud services, yet despite this innovation, organisations are forced to build applications on infrastructure that was never designed for the needs of modern data.

  • To manage the compute needed to run applications, teams are reliant on middleware which adds layers of abstraction to an already bloated stack.

  • Core technology limits performance and creates high operating costs. Middleware makes solutions difficult to program and debug, affecting reliability.


The only platform capable of distributing applications by default to multiple cloud instances. Hadean scales instantly, allocating tasks to unlimited compute resources.


  • Hadean’s easy to use process model allows developers to program distributed systems to solve large and complex problems in real-time.

  • Teams can optimise computing resource allocation and communication, eliminating the need for specialist network/cloud knowledge.

  • Designed to breakthrough legacy compute barriers, Hadean removes the need for middleware, accelerating development and debugging cycles.

  • Flexible deployment – Hadean is fully agnostic and integrates with any B2B environment, CRM, database, or platform.

  • For the first time, global organisations can run applications at massive scale, in real-time and on any cloud.


“Simulations developed on Aether Engine will enable us to significantly speed up predictions on how viruses like COVID-19 interact in humans.”

Dr. Paul Bates, Francis Crick Institute Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory

Aether Engine

Delivering unprecedented simulation scale and complexity

Aether Engine – A Hadean Application


Aether Engine is a distributed compute simulation engine that enables simultaneous high resolution and immense scale spatial simulation.

Used by online gaming titles, life sciences and financial organisations to overcome the limitations of legacy architecture and high operating costs.

Aether Engine uses a scalable distributed octree that grows and shrinks across the cloud to support unbounded simulations.

Built on and deployed using Hadean, Aether Engine can call on unlimited memory to store massive data sets or dynamically allocate resources to meet demand from tens of thousands of users in real-time.


  • Minimise time to create simulations by removing the limits imposed by existing infrastructure.

  • Scalable backend provides unlimited usage potential for a fraction of the cost and effort.

  • Compatibility with all cloud and key third-party libraries.

  • Simulation and rendering on the cloud, with dynamic resource allocation ensuring optimal resource usage.

  • Fully modifiable for developer needs through full integration with all game engines and 3rd party SDKs.

Aether Case Studies

Screenshot 2020-04-12 at 14.23.19


MMO Gaming at


Creator of Eve Online, CCP Games used Aether Engine to transform the number of players in the world’s most successful MMO game.



  • Eve Aether Wars ran 10k players at 30hz without interruption.
  • 5x bandwidth reduction
  • 3x cost efficiency
  • Prototype completed in 8 weeks by a team of 7 developers.




Computer-aided Drug Design


The Francis Crick Institute simulated spacial interactions between atoms using Aether Engine to improve drug design modelling.



  • Aether used to score and select best set of protein structures
  • Accelerated findings – enabling calculations to run in parallel to increase productivity


coroanvirus-covid-19-sars-2019-ncov-2-virus-micros-54T46HN (1)




COVID-19 simulation was built in response to the global pandemic to simulate contagion spread in and between humans.



  • Aether Engine selected for its ability to run a massive-scale spatial simulation in real-time
  • Maps 100,000 human agents as potential disease vectors
  • Coded in 48 hrs and instantly deployed across multiple cloud instances ready for global scale


Gain the advantage with faster time to value

Unrivalled agility with instant resource scaling

Cost optimisation across multiple clouds

“Hadean’s technology has the potential to unlock huge creative and design-orientated freedom within virtual worlds such as EVE.” 

Hilmar V. Pétursson, Chief Executive Officer, CCP Games





Who is Hadean

Hadean was founded in 2015 with the intention of helping humanity overcome some of its greatest challenges including climate change, terminal diseases, and educational inequality. Through our next generational technology, we are hoping to empower everyone to new levels and achieve more with less.

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