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Unlocking the greatest opportunities of today and tomorrow

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Today, we are facing some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever known.

  • Climate Change

  • Terminal Disease

  • Educational Inequality

Unfortunately, in many cases, the breakthroughs that we need are being held back by the limitations of existing technology.

Hadean was founded in 2015 to unlock these computational bottlenecks and enable the world’s brightest minds to solve these critical issues.

Taking a first principles approach, we developed our foundational technology, HadeanOS, to enable developers to build powerful cloud-first applications for the increasingly distributed compute environment.

Aether Engine, our spatial simulation solution, is a prime example of the cardinal applications we’re empowering our developer community to create.

Today we are tackling some of the hardest computational problems in society today, whilst continuing to explore alternative application areas in Research & Development.

Application Areas

  • Video Games

  • Life Sciences

  • Medical Technology

  • Financial Technology

  • Government & Civil

  • Military & Defence


Craig Beddis

Chief Executive Officer

Craig is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hadean, a deep tech startup with a focus on distributed computing. He has been at the forefront of establishing Hadean’s strategic direction and team growth since joining in early 2017.

With over two decades of experience in Automation and DevOps-related businesses, Craig is driving Hadean’s efforts to redesign the technology stack and solve the computational limitations of today. He has led Hadean’s £12.35M investment to date with Draper Esprit, Aster, LVP, Luminous Ventures, and Entrepreneur First.

Craig is an entrepreneurial senior executive with 25 successful years and experience grounded in building and transforming business and accelerating growth.

Rashid Mansoor

Chief Technology Officer

Rashid is the CTO and Co-Founder of Hadean, a deep tech startup with a focus on distributed computing. He is the driving force behind the technical innovation and foundational technology at Hadean.

While he was running large-scale simulations during his PhD, Rashid discovered that 99.9% of the effort for running algorithms at scale was spent in engineering and ops. He later founded Adbrain, a VC-backed data intelligence startup that utilised AI and machine learning at massive scale, and encountered similar challenges. Today, Rashid is solving these fundamental constraints and building the technology to solve the greatest scientific challenges facing the world today at Hadean.

Rashid was a member of the inaugural Entrepreneur First cohort, a program developed by investors including Microsoft, McKinsey and Silicon Valley Bank to support the UK’s top technical graduates develop their own startups.