Software Development Kit

Building software for software developers

Putting the user first to make developing your application as simple as possible.

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Truly Cloud and Engine Agnostic

Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for you, software developers, to use our technology. No developer wants to spend hours getting a new SDK to work, they want to spend time developing and we do too.


To build the SDK we use the following philosophies


Exposed functions to be kept to a minimum. Variables within an exposed function kept to a minimum. Use of third party software to deliver functionality within a SDK kept to a minimum. Installation to be quick and with as few clicks as possible


As much of the functionality as possible should be run from the programming environment. Automation of as many processes as possible


We want developers to be able to take full advantage of the SDK and build truly cloud-native games. By providing you with comprehensive instructions and guides, you will be building brand-new games in no time.

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