Unlocking the greatest opportunities of today and tomorrow

Today, we are facing some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever known. Climate change. Terminal disease. Educational inequality.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the breakthroughs that we need are being held back by the limitations of existing technology.

Hadean was founded in 2015 to unlock these computational bottlenecks and enable the world’s brightest minds to solve these critical issues.

Taking a first principles approach, we developed our foundational technology, HadeanOS, to enable developers to build powerful cloud-first applications for the increasingly distributed compute environment.

Aether Engine is a prime example of the cardinal applications we’re empowering our developer community to create. Today we are tackling some of the hardest computational problems in the Gaming and Life Sciences industries, whilst continuing to explore alternative application areas in R&D.

Our offices are located in London, UK.


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The Hadean Team

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We’re looking for people to help us build the next transformational technology platform. Work alongside an experienced team with a passion for solving the most impactful challenges of today. Our office is located in the heart of London, UK.