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10,000 Players – The First Details Coming Soon…

Feb 7, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Anyone who’s been following us closely over the past few months will know that we’ve been working on something big. Something huge. Something that will bring a record-breaking number of players together for an enormous clash in space.

And we’re almost ready to give you the first gameplay details.

On Tuesday 12th February, we’ll be giving you the first peek under the covers at our 10,000 players project, as we put our pioneering Aether Engine technology through its paces. Our distributed simulation engine is designed to handle multiplayer gaming that technology currently can’t allow and to prove it, we’re going to host the biggest battle ever seen in gaming.

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from you who have signed up to our Discord on how it will work. What type of experience are we building? Is it every player for himself? What are the rules of the fight?

Check back on Tuesday to find out the answers. If you haven’t signed up for our enormous space battle, you can do so for free over at

To keep you ticking over until then, here’s our latest bit of concept art…


If you can’t wait for the official reveal, those of you in Yorkshire will get a chance to chat to one of the members of our team before then! Patrick Gordon will be at Yorkshire Games Festival on Sunday 10th February, giving a talk to those looking for a career in games development about online multiplayer and how it works.

Whatever happens, it’s not much longer before we take the covers off our special project.

Start the countdown now…

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