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2019 Year In Review: From Stealth To Established

  • Hadean

2019 has been full of success for Hadean, here we tick off on some of the key milestones for the year.

Hadean has been built on the premise that, to take full advantage of new and emerging technologies such as Edge and 5G, we need to reduce the layers of middleware and simplify the technology stack. By doing so, we can enable developers to achieve new technical heights by developing truly next-generation applications.

At the start of this year we announced our partnerships with EVE Online developers CCP Games, and the globally-renowned Francis Crick Institute, allowing us to demonstrate the power of Aether Engine across multiple verticals.

Through our work with CCP Games, EVE Aether Wars was born, kickstarting a series of technical demonstrations across the year at GDC in March, Gamescom in August, and finally EVE London in November. By the end of the year, Aether Engine had transformed into a battle-hardened piece of technology as we released our closed beta, placing into the hands of further developers. 

We also saw the start of other prosperous relationships with technical partners including Microsoft and Google. We have built our technology to be completely agnostic and we want to ensure, regardless of the tools that organisations use, they can take advantage of our applications. By partnering with these powerful partners, with more to be announced next year, we are enabling all prospective developers to be able to see the full opportunity of our technology.

As we prepare ourselves for the commercial release of our SDK, we’ve also found partners who have wanted to invest during our pre-seed rounds. Aster and Draper Esprit became new investors whilst existing partners, Luminous Ventures and Entrepreneur First doubled-down, furthering their investment into the Hadean mission.

We are very proud of what we have achieved this year and we can’t wait for what’s to come in 2020.