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Aether Wars: Relive The Action From The 1,000-Player Battle

Feb 26, 2019 2:00:00 PM

You may have noticed a lot of excitement from us about Aether Wars, as we pulled 1,000 players together from all corners of the globe for an enormous space skirmish.

That’s right, 1,000 players.


The next step? The record-shattering 10,000-player battle, which you can sign up for right now:

We’re prepping a deep dive into the statistics behind our 1,000-player battle, to give you a better idea of how we managed to achieve the feat with our pioneering Aether Engine tech and why this first step was such a huge achievement - not just for us, but for games developers too.


Until that’s ready, we wanted to share some quickfire assets and clips from the Aether Wars skirmish, so those who missed out can get a taste of what space deathmatch looks like when an enormous 1,000 space pilots are doing battle.

The crazy part? We’ll support 10 times the amount of players you see in these videos and screenshots… and you could be one of the 10,000.

Once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Discord for the latest Aether Wars updates!


AetherWarsImage-1 AetherWarsImage-1 AetherWarsImage-3
AetherWarsImage-1 AetherWarsImage-1 AetherWarsImage-1

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