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Feb 23, 2019 4:04:08 PM

Aether Wars has officially begun…

A huge, huge thanks to all the players who joined us for our 1,000-player Aether Wars stress test. We wanted to put our pioneering Aether Engine technology through its paces and you all responded in kind, signing up in droves to take part in an enormous space skirmish.

It was the first step of the journey that leads towards a record-breaking 10,000 player battle in Aether Wars, which will break the gaming record for the most players involved in a single online battle.

Even though our Aether Engine technology has been validated through our work with Microsoft Azure and the Francis Crick Institute, our ambition is to create a real statement of intent by bringing an unprecedented number of players together for the biggest battle in gaming history. Driven by Aether Engine, we want to take gaming where it’s never been before, showcasing its reliability, its performance and its enormous scale.

It’s been thrilling to see that even at this first step, we already have an Aether Wars community that’s been responsive, engaged and most importantly, helpful. Every single bit of feedback we’ve been sent from our space pilots who took part will go towards crafting an even better experience, as we fine-tune Aether Wars for the biggest battle ever seen in gaming.

Hadean is an engineering company at heart, not a gaming studio, so being able to learn from the feedback and advice from 1,000 gaming fans has been insightful and invaluable.

We’re now calling all space pilots for the second step of the journey, as we prepare for an even bigger battle… if you haven’t already signed up, make sure you join us at!

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