Written by Craig Beddis

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An epic week at GDC

It’s been an incredible week for us with our first visit to the GDC - and it has been everything we imagined it would be and more. From innovative new game controllers to Azure’s developer talks and Unreal’s graphic engine developments with improved cinematic depth of field, it was thrilling to spend a week the heart of gaming.

There was interactive hardware everywhere we looked from digital bucking broncos to Virtual Reality boxing. There was also a massive presence from the cloud providers as you might expect with so much of gaming moving to the cloud. We met with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS gamelift, IBM Cloud, and Multiplay.

We aren’t gaming experts so we were there to learn from the best and to have open conversations about what’s needed for the future of gaming. For us it was all about seeing how our technology can help the industry and developers to reach their goals. We know our technology can be used to create huge scale simulations and massive multiplayer online games and with less resource, but we wanted to see what everyone else thought about HadeanOS. So we shared our Aether Engine demo that demonstrates how to scale AI agents using Unreal. Our concept game took us only 5 days to build and that really bowled people over. If we could create that in such a short space amount of time imagine what the gaming powerhouses and indie developers could do? Honestly, that’s something we can’t wait to see.

One thing that came up again and again was the volume of Indie games trying to get launched and traction at GDC. We attended a session where soon to be released indie games pitched to three VCs: Sunny Dhillon from Signia Venture Partners, Guzman Diaz from Index Ventures, and David Gardner from London Venture Partners. Some of our takeaways from being there were that VCs aren’t yet happy with the returns in AR and VR gaming, and they feel that sometimes the best formula for success is to reskin a game around a narrative people are already behind. There was heated debate about how indie games and developers can disrupt the industry, and while people were sure that narrative was one of the answers, they were equally focused on the all important game launch. Microsoft’s ID@Xbox team reminded us you only get to launch once and their finding that long tail sales are always driven by a successful launch, whatsmore the general consensus was that nine times out of ten games should launch ahead of E3, and waiting until Q3 will traditionally lead to poorer sales. On top of this some studios even advocate an 80/20 marketing rule for marketing/development time.

While we were in San Francisco we met with Unity Founder David Helgason, CEO John Riccitiello, and VP Research Labs Sylvio Drouin, and talked about how we might work with them in the future. We learnt so much from these guys – inspirational. We also talked to Amazon Lumberyard, Microsoft Xbox and Azure, IBM Cloud, Epic Games, Facebook and DeepMind. After building HadeanOS in just 2 years, we’re looking forward to delivering a platform that has the potential to help these companies create immersive entertaining games at scale - watch out GDC 2019, we’re sure there’s going to be some massive developments in hyperscale gaming by then.

Additional photos:

IBM Watson

Our Product Manager, Mimi, playing with IBM Watson connected to the Unity game engine.














CTO Multiplay

Our CTO, Rashid, talking tech with the Unity Multiplay team.







Azure on the floor

Microsoft Azure stand in full flight.











VR Everywhere

Crazy VR acrobatics going on everywhere.