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CCP Games & Hadean host a second night for the London games community

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Last night, we opened up our doors one again to the London gaming community for our joint quarterly event with CCP Games, Buddies & Board Games.

Attendees were warned to mentally prepare themselves for what was expected to be stiff competition. And last night did not disappoint.

Crowd favourite, Code Names, was the first game of choice. A healthy group gathered for it, keen for a rematch after the last events’ thrilling session. There were also a couple of new games test driven that nobody had previously had the pleasure to play yet, including the very niché Do You Look Like Your Dog? This one particularly went down a treat, if not just for the name.


Of course, we gave the people what they wanted, cold beer and pizza. This was extremely welcome considering it was the hottest day of the year and our lovely balcony overlooking the City was getting just a little bit warm.

Overall, it was another rousing success, with lots of new faces, names and companies. This will continue to be a quarterly event so keep your ears to the ground for more.

If you are interested in attending future events, please email us and we will be sure to invite you to the next one.