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CCP & Hadean Presents: Buddies & Boardgames

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As you may know, Hadean and CCP Games recently partnered to do an exciting demo of our distributed simulation engine technology.

After a lot of hard work and perseverance we achieved the incredible feat of hosting 10,000 players in one single, concurrent battle in EVE: Aether Wars live from the heart of Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. From there, we decided that this wasn’t just the start of an interesting partnership but a beautiful friendship too.

After putting out a call to action, we gathered some of the finest minds in London’s game development scene to join CCP Games and Hadean for a board games night to introduce some *friendly* competition to the mix.   chess

This was the debut for CCP & Hadean Presents: Buddies and Boardgames, an event hosted in our Shoreditch office with lots of board games, lots of food and lots of Beyonce, which seems to be the default choice when no-one can pick a suitable soundtrack for the evening.

We had all sorts of different games ready for people to peruse and play, varying from a couple of obscure Polish games courtesy of our Polish engineer, Norbert, all the way down to a more simple deck of cards. We even managed to squeeze a few games of chess in… from the show-stopping EVE: Aether Wars at GDC to chess just over a month later. What would chess look like with 10,000 pieces?


People got stuck in straight away, with a big game of 7 Wonders taking over one table. Now, there aren’t necessarily any winners on games night as so many different games happen simultaneously, however this game proved that you can definitely lose.

There was also a group laughing hysterically in the corner while playing a game of Choking Hazard, as well as an intense round of Codenames Pictures being held elsewhere.

We kept everyone sustained throughout the evening with some much needed beer and pizza. Then it was back to playing games and making friendships. pizza

We’d like to thank CCP Games for helping host the evening and also a massive thanks to everyone who turned up – it was great chatting to so many of you from London’s thriving development community, even if you all seem to be far better at Codenames than we are. And apologies to everyone who had to try the pineapple, jalapeno and peppers pizza we ordered. There’s a first time for everything.

This is the sort of event we’d love to run again and the first step towards that is finding out what other board games are out there. Everyone has their favourite so we’d love to know what yours is – please put any suggestions you have in the comments below!