Written by Craig Beddis

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CCP & Hadean - What Happens When Gaming Pioneers Meet Tech Pioneers!

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It’s been a great day at Hadean HQ (and not just because of the free donuts for lunch).

We had a visit from none other than Hilmar Veigar, CEO of CCP Games, and his pioneering tech team. Hilmar and the CCP team have become great friends and a valued business partner to Hadean in 2018. CCP’S values and ethics map so well to what we have tried to create at Hadean, as we continue to build and expand our ever growing team last year, so it was great to kick off 2019 together and learn from the best!


As the guardian of EVE Online, one of the most popular and ground-breaking games ever made, it was fascinating to hear Hilmar share his invaluable and unique insight into the technology and vision behind the enormous space MMO.

EVE Online is still creating headlines years after release and that has come from the bold, fearless drive that powers CCP Games. It’s the same drive that we have here at Hadean, which is why today was so productive and such a rich learning experience.

Hilmar and his engineering team had lots to say about how they overcome games development challenges, constantly pushing forward in a drive for innovation and breaking boundaries. This is also the vision that powers our Aether Engine and we offered CCP Games a deep dive into our tech, exchanging ideas and insight.

The tech industry is built on bold progress, sharing experiences and learning from others. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start 2019 than to learn from the CCP Games team.


“Most game companies build theme parks, they don’t build playgrounds” said Hilmar, the perfect way of describing how CCP Games set out to create something different and unique, EVE Online being the playground that changed the games industry forever.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re creating, as we also look to shatter expectations and break records. Sign up now to take part in gaming history.