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Cloud Gaming Newsletter: September 2019

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Major Industry Developments

The Key Stories from this Month



New Players in Cloud Gaming Space

Low latency cloud gaming at the edge with high FPS rates – one account enables AAA gaming across all your devices

  • Core differentiation from Stadia is their focus on cross platform (especially mobile);
  • In close beta for over 2 years - launching next months;
  • Operating across 15 data centres, with 300k monthly active users and 1m users on wait list;
  • Over 6m hours streamed in January;
  • Subscription based business model working with Telcos who will sell their solutions forward;
  • 45% of users come from low end PCs, 34% from Android TV and 21 from Mac;

90% of GFN users couldn't play AAA Games without GeForce NOW due to hardware limitation”



EA's Project Atlas

Electronic Art's [EA] Project Atlas cloud gaming launched on the 9th of September in closed beta. The publisher hasn't said if or when it expects to premiere a full-fledged service. Main competitors include the likes of Google Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud and as of recent NVIDIA's GeForce NOW.

Over 1,000 EA employees will be working on Project Atlas alongside dozens of studios around the world contributing their innovations, driving priorities, and already using many of the components. Project Atlas will be running on the Frostbite Engine.

To help game developers deliver entertaining, life-like experiences to players, EA has been developing advanced technologies within Frostbite game engine:

  • Ray-Tracing Real Time Rendering;
  • Distributed Physics;
  • Utilise advanced 3D photogrammetry, big data, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to procedurally synthesise incredibly natural-looking landscapes that maintain their image quality at any size and any resolution.

Minecraft_200x400-1Studio Metrics: Minecraft

  • The monthly player count crested 91 million this summer, an increase of nearly 20 million players across 2018;
  • Minecraft Realms allows you to set up and administrate private worlds for a relatively low cost. The maximum cost is $7.99 per month, supporting up to 11 concurrent players per world.
  • The amount of players that can be given access to a Realm is far higher, but only up to 11 players can be online at any one time;
  • Realms - worlds up to 5GB in size;
  • The servers are currently limited to a maximum of 20 players;

Andrew-Wilson-EA_200x400As an industry, we’ve made remarkable technological advancements in AI, cloud, distributed computing, social features, and engines. But because all of these technologies have continued to evolve separately, it’s been difficult to conceptualise what we could achieve by bringing them together. That’s about to change.

Technological disruptors — when brought together in a complementary way — will result in a truly profound unlock for game creators.”
– Andrew Wilson, CEO | Electronic Arts

Phil_Spencer_Xbox_200x400Microsoft’s approach to game streaming combines nearly 40 years of gaming experience with investments and resources from Azure, Microsoft Research, and other business groups across the company, allowing us to reach gamers around the world...

Partnerships, like the one we announced with SK Telecom today, are critical to continuing that trajectory and moving the gaming industry forward, starting with the incredibly engaged gamers and game studios in South Korea.”

– Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President, Gaming | Microsoft

Thor-Gunnarsson_200x400For Mainframe, the ability to deliver to all platforms a level of immersion and world simulation typically only seen in high-end PC games means that the visual gap between devices disappears as we move to the cloud. And we see tremendous potential in the expansive computing and storage capacity of the cloud.

We can make bigger and better games with more complex physics simulation, AI, and character systems to deliver a fresh gaming experience unbounded by the constraints of individual platforms.”

– Thor Gunnarsson, Co-Founder | Mainframe Industries

Other Stories From September

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Minecraft Earth "couldn't have been made two years ago"

Improbable acquires online game development specialists The Multiplayer Guys


Helping brain surgeons practice with real-time simulation


Check-in has opened for Microsoft Flight Simulator's technical alpha


Asia cloud gaming to reach $3 billion and 60 million gamers by 2023