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Cloud Gaming Newsletter: October 2019

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Major Industry Developments

The Key Stories from this Month

Jade-Raymond-Google_200x400We have a plan that includes building out a few different first-party studios,” she tells the publication, adding later that Google plans to release Stadia-exclusive titles every year, including games that do things which aren’t possible with today’s game consoles, like full physics simulations or integrating the Google Assistant to be the voice of NPCs in the game.”
– Jade Raymond | VP & Head of Stadia Games & Entertainment, Google


Cloud Gaming: Peoples Champion

Cloud Gaming as a Services: Wave of the Future

The concept of cloud gaming (as cloud computing) has been around for decades, but the first implementation of a dedicated cloud-gaming service was launched by G-cluster in 2004 for the Japanese market.

The year is now 2018 and internet speeds have improved since OnLive. According to Akamai, we have gone from an average of 4.7 Mbps internet connection speed in the United States in 2010 to 18.7 Mbps in 2017.

The shift from PC/Console processing to cloud processing will prompt new business models. Cloud gaming is apt to exploit the rise of free-to-play (FTP) and new revenues like eSports.

Emerging cloud providers have low exposure to legacy game revenue and high exposure to emerging game revenue. Traditional publishers can’t easily replicate assets owned by cloud providers (like mobile AdTech and eSports broadcasters).


In the next wave of innovation, consumers will likely rent access to gaming hardware, using the cloud for processing. This will likely give the largest cloud infrastructure players an advantage. Amazon, Microsoft and Google make up 58% of the market.

Cloud Gaming Architecture Options (Trade-offs between command streaming and video streaming):

Spotlight: Luminous Productions Back Stage Demo

Luminous Studio is a multi-platform game engine developed and used internally by Square Enix

Designed by Luminous Productions, a subsidiary studio of Square Enix Holdings staffed by FINAL FANTASY XV veterans, Back Stage is rendered almost exclusively with path tracing, an advanced form of ray tracing also used in Quake II RTX and Minecraft, that enables real-time rendering of lifelike lighting, shadows and reflections.


Takeshi-Aramaki-Luminous_200x400Back Stage is a showcase demo of our work to answer the question, "How can you use ray tracing in a next generation game?" GeForce RTX graphics cards have power beyond our imagination, and with NVIDIA's technology even real-time path tracing has become a reality.

Together with Luminous Engine and RTX technology, we have taken one more step forward towards the kind of beautiful and realistic game that we strive to create."

– Takeshi Aramaki | Studio Head, Luminous Productions

world-of-tanks-wargaming-200x400Studio Metrics: Wargaming

  • Founded 1998
  • 4,500 employees, 20 offices
  • 9 games & 3 MMO franchises: World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes
  • World of Tanks = €471M rev (#4 F2P earner, 2017); earns $3.30 per user per month (approx. 11.9M players/month)
  • Acquired Bigworld in 2012
  • Valued $1.5Bn (Bloomberg, 2016)


Other Stories From October

cloud-gaming-175x150Find out who has been deemed the best of the Cloud Gaming Services of 2019.

sensat-175x150SenSat, a geospatial technology startup, has raised $10 million in a series A round led by Tencent

g-star-175x150The speaker line-up has been revealed for G-STAR 2019 with Supercell, Google, Thatgamecompany and CCP taking to the stage.


jagex-175x150RuneScape developer Jagex has been sold to a Chinese-owned shell corporation registered in Delaware.

playstation-now-175x150PlayStation Doubles Down on Cloud Gaming Starting ... Now

nvidia-175x150Nvidia has made a handful of announcements centred on its move into 5G including partnerships with Ericsson, Red Hat, and Microsoft.


bungie-175x150Harold Ryan, the former CEO of Bungie, has founded a new multi-studio AAA game company, ProbablyMonsters.



Cloud Gaming could make Esports as accessible as football, all you would need is a ball or something capable of opening an internet browser. In theory, this accessibility is very possible, in practice though? Things get a bit tricky.

lolt-175x150League of Legends has picked up two new partners, Red Bull and luxury goods brand, Louis Vuitton.