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Meet The Hadean Team: Douglas Wilson, Infrastructure & Automation Chapter Lead

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douglasWhy did you join Hadean?

I was living in New Zealand, looking for an opportunity to immigrate. I saw Hadean and thought the technology sounded really interesting and the people seemed really reasonable, so I took the job! 

It’s really hard to get an idea of what a company is going to be like when you join, so if I’m honest, I just got really lucky. When I search for a job I look at a few things such as if it’s in an area that seems interesting to me, whether the people seem reasonable, and will I be working on interesting things, which Hadean had. 

What’s the best thing you’ve done while here?

Running the GDC demo and the power of 400 cores at my fingertips. 

Expanding on the GDC demo, we ran a tech demo where we had around 3,500 humans and 10,000 robots shooting each other. My role was the person who pushed the button that started the demo, and frantically looking at the output to make sure everything was okay. I can safely say it was the most action packed moment of my whole time here so far. 

What’s your favourite part of working at Hadean?

The way that Hadean really nurtures its employees and helps them grow. It’s also very flexible in terms of what you can end up working on, because although everyone has a defined role, as a company we work across a wide variety of problems. I’ve also found that the people here are the smartest people I’ve ever worked with; I was actually blown away by how good people are at their jobs and how competent they are. I know that I can learn so much from them too. 

What is Hadean to you?

It’s all about having an inclusive culture that brings people up, instead of pushing them down and overriding opinions. It feels very egalitarian. 

If you could be a dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be?

Kakapo, the flightless bird of New Zealand (he knew this before coming into the room).

How many developers does it take to eat a box of 6 doughnuts, and why?

Three. Two each.

What do you think people should know about Hadean?

It’s got some really exciting technology, really high performance cloud computing and is always interesting here.