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Download Our Yorkshire Games Festival Talk: ‘How Online Multiplayer Works’

Feb 11, 2019 3:12:06 PM

Have you ever wondered how online multiplayer… well, works?

That’s the question we answered at Yorkshire Games Festival, the four-day gaming event in the National Science And Media Museum in Bradford. As part of the BAFTA Careers Bar, aimed at younger gamers looking to pursue a career in the industry, Hadean’s Patrick Gordon gave one of the closing talks on how to create online multiplayer in games.

He explained the inner workings of games like Fortnite and Minecraft, talking about how consoles and computers communicate with each other and what it is that multiplayer programmers actually do every day.


We’re offering this presentation for download, so it’s available as an extra resource tool for those who have younger siblings or friends interested in making games.

Even though we specifically focused on online multiplayer for the talk, there’s still some great advice that applies across the board of games development, such as specific uni courses to look at and Twitter accounts from developers who offer a fascinating insight into creating games.

Patrick Talk

Sadly, the one element of our Yorkshire Games Festival talk we can’t easily replicate here is that Patrick then took part in the careers bar. Sharing the bar alongside other industry professionals such as Louise Chamberlain (Cooperative Innovations) and Marcia Deakin (Next Gen Skills Academy), Patrick answered questions from the audience about making games and even managed to get one or two young recruits signed up to our Aether Wars project!

However, feel free to ask us questions about getting into the industry, coding as a career and how to get started in coding at @HadeanInc or @AetherEngine and we’ll make sure to answer them.

Patrick Careers Bar

We’d like to thank the Yorkshire Games Festival organisers for a great day and we’d highly recommend gaming fans check it out next year, as there were lots of fun indie games available to play as well.

Our next stop is GDC… get in touch with us if you’d like to see meet us in San Francisco in March!

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