Written by Craig Beddis

2 min read

Why education as we know it sucks

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Most of us have struggled in lessons at one stage or another. Even the most studious of us normally have a teacher or subject we just can’t get on with. We’ve all been in the back of a maths class with the squiggles on the board going completely over our heads (well maybe not all of us, but I definitely have).

I find it shocking that children can sit bored and confused in classrooms across the world, while the technology to engage them and improve their learning already exists. Not only does it exist, but there are examples of teachers taking their own initiative to transform how their kids learn in class.

Why can’t this be used across the world? Why are we sitting still and seeing children failed across the board in so many subjects?


I say it’s time to throw out musty old textbooks and give children what they’re crying out for: a way of learning that truly works for them and doesn’t leave children behind. So let’s do it. Let’s put game consoles in classrooms and make video games the centre of education.

Any parents reeling at this thought, I get it. Oftentimes we’re fighting with our kids to put down their controls, flicker their eyes away from their screens, and communicate with us. BUT, curriculums based on video games have already been proven to work, and they can work much better than traditional teaching methods.

What’s more, we are stubborn; we want our children to communicate with us how we want rather than how they want. What if we’re the ones behind the times, that makes us is inherently selfish? Why don’t we get with the program and revolutionise education. Why don’t we listen to how ten year olds like to learn, rather than forcing archaic teaching methods upon them?

I believe we can use video games and simulations of the real world to help children to understand why they might want to care about maths, science, and literature - not just to teach a list of subjects. Imagine a generation that totally understands why they’re learning algebra, new languages, or about filtration systems - what they all have to do with the world we live in. Well we all know we already have the technology to do this. Video games have been played in our homes for well over 30 years, so it’s nothing really new. What if we unlock their power and help them become the only source of education the next generations need?

This might sound far-fetched to some, but it really isn’t. I predict schools will be extinct in thirty years time - or perhaps sooner - they’ll seal their own fate if they can’t adapt to the modern world. We could have teachers and students from all over the world helping each other to solve problems, encouraging basic maths, science and literacy skills as well as social skills by using video games for education.

Studies have shown that video games can increase children’s knowledge and understanding over fairly short time periods. What they also do is help them want to learn and enjoy learning; as individuals as well as in groups.They make learning fun, social, and something children will go back to again and again. Now, I don’t remember ever volunteering for another chemistry lesson… ! So isn’t time we allow our children access to the world’s best education and start to build this? We could create a system that will help children to make sense of the world, show the relationship between subjects and most importantly to allow children to build the world they want for the future.