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Epic Fuels the Unreal Engine Community by Giving Away Paragon

Apr 11, 2018 3:10:46 PM

Last month Epic Games made the awesome announcement  that they have released the assets of their now cancelled game Paragon. After their much more successful game Fortnite Battle Royale took the limelight they decided to end Paragon and are no longer developing it. This would normally mean a huge amount of developer hours, stunning design work and the efforts of a skilled team go to waste, but Epic have a novel approach to what happened.



Epic decided to give access to Unreal developers to all of the weapons, sounds, animations and characters for absolutely nothing. This is an incredible announcement as it means the blood, sweat, tears and passion of everyone who worked on Paragon could evolve into other games and help the developer community. Developers are now able to use the game assets however they may choose - and it sure to be a popular step. What is clear is that there were thousands of hours and a huge amount of heart that went into developing Paragon, so what better way of saying goodbye to the game than letting it live on elsewhere in some other form?

It also leads me to think why has nobody done this before? Well, there are obvious cost reasons as Epic didn’t set out to spend millions of dollars developing state of the art graphics just for developers to play around with. Nonetheless it’s pretty amazing to see Epic take this step and be open to sharing the assets of such a large scale game, rather than taking the burning bridge approach. It makes perfect business sense as they are very much focused on their Unreal Engine, but it’s also a great way to serve their community.


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