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EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two FAQs

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What is EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two?

EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is the next iteration of our groundbreaking project to demonstrate what exciting and compelling gameplay experiences can look and feel like on a huge scale. This continues CCP Games’ exploration of opportunities for large-scale multiplayer simulation in their current and future games by harnessing Hadean’s cloud-based simulation engine - Aether Engine.

What is Aether Engine?

Aether Engine is a pioneering cloud-based simulation engine. Its novel design means that Aether Engine can dynamically use thousands of cloud servers in one 3D space simulation. It unlocks the next evolution for existing genres such as MMORPGs and also allows the creation of brand new gameplay experiences too!

What is EVE: Aether Wars?

The original EVE: Aether Wars was the multiplayer deathmatch experience that took place during GDC 2019. The battle involved a huge 14,274 ships participating on the day, which consisted of 3,852 real players joined by AI-connected clients!

What is the difference with Phase Two?

Our goal with EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is to demonstrate that our technology can flawlessly perform under immense strain while allowing for complex gameplay at unprecedented scale. With this second iteration, we aim to push the boundaries of virtual worlds even further, as well as hopefully opening up new gameplay possibilities for game developers.

Why 10,000 players?

We know that our technology can accommodate 10,000 real players and it’s an exciting number of players to target, as it has never been achieved before!

What type of game is EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two?

EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is a 10,000 player battle to take control of the resources of New Eden’s most hazardous region of space: Abyssal Deadspace.

When will EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two be available?

The EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest will be conducted on Sunday 18th August at 13:00 EDT / 17:00 UTC / 18:00 BST. An email with a download link, unique password and instructions will be sent before the test starts. The playtest is expected to run for about an hour.

What are the prizes that can be won if I participate?

You can win an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Las Vegas! Specifically, to EVE Vegas, the biggest and boldest EVE meet-up this year! EVE Vegas is a huge celebration of the EVE universe and those who inhabit it. Join us for developer talks, tournaments and of course the legendary EVE Vegas party!

You could also win a CORSAIR gaming PC if you manage to reach the top of the leaderboard, as well as get your hands on an exclusive Aether Wars souvenir SKIN bundle for use in EVE Online for anyone that takes part in EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two. 

Full details and terms and conditions will be disclosed shortly.

How much is EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two?

EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is free to download and play.

What is the relationship between CCP Games and Hadean?

CCP and Hadean have continued to develop their partnership, this time building on top of Hadean’s Aether Engine SDK using CCP’s EVE Online assets and gameplay experience. They continue to explore the possibilities in large-scale multiplayer simulation in CCP’s current and future games, and how to make them even more enjoyable for fans old and new.

Is EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two a port of EVE Online to a new type of server?

No - it’s a technology playtest using Hadean’s Aether Engine. CCP and Hadean have worked together to build on the success of the 14K scale achieved in EVE: Aether Wars at GDC ‘19. Phase Two continues the exciting collaboration that integrates their technologies. 

Can I stream the EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest to Twitch/YouTube/etc.?

Yes… in fact, we encourage you to stream it! Please use #EVEAetherWars when streaming, so you can join the other fans livestreaming the playtest on Sunday 18th August.

If I’m already an EVE Online player, will I be able to use my ships and resources in EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two?

EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is a playtest that is completely separate from the infrastructure that powers EVE Online. Ships and modules owned by pilots in New Eden will not be available during this test. Free ships will be provided for all testing.

When can I download the EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two client to try it out?

We’ll be sending out details of how to download, log in and what to expect just ahead of the test. Sign up for updates.

Which gaming platforms does EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two support?

At the moment it’s only available to play on Windows PC.

I’ve got technical questions; where can I get some answers?

Take a look at our Aether Engine developer page, technology overview and our blog, along with our gaming and life sciences overviews. If you’ve still got questions, head over to our Discord or ask us directly!