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EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two – Thank You

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Thank you.

That seems the most appropriate way to start our post about EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two, as we couldn’t have come this far without your help.

When we set out on our ambitious journey to make EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two the biggest and best multiplayer project that’s ever been created, we knew we needed a record number of players to suit up for battle. We beamed our call for support far and wide across the games industry and you responded in enormous numbers.

But you gave us so much more than that.

It was the feedback from Phase One that you sent us. It was the word-of-mouth support that you gave us. It was the energy and enthusiasm that you brought with you. Whether it was answering questions on Discord or sending your support our way, you’ve been there with us on every step of the journey.

We saw over 5,000 of you take part in EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two, testing our Aether Engine technology in exciting and unpredictable ways. We have a mountain of data to sift through and we’ve learned plenty of lessons as you pushed the scalability of our Aether Engine technology. Most importantly, we hope you enjoyed taking part in what was a truly unique gaming event.

The journey doesn’t end here and there’s a lot more exciting news to come, as we build upon the momentum of EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two. Watch this space!