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Meet The Hadean Team: Feliks Olko, Business Development (Gaming)

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Why did you join Hadean?

Before my current role, I was working for Hadean’s investors and so had an insider’s look into the technology which I already thought was very impressive. I thought Hadean was a good opportunity for me as it allowed me to stay within the VC universe, whilst getting insight into the other side of deal-making such as fundraising in a deep-tech start-up.

I'm passionate about bringing the most positively impactful ideas, products, and technology that I can into the world. This coupled with my personal passion for gaming made Hadean the right fit for me. Well... this and CEO's talent for impersonating Don Vito Corleone.

What’s the best thing you’ve done while here?

I wouldn’t qualify it as just one thing. For the company as a whole, the fundraising, culture we manged to cultivate while "blitzscaling" (not to be mistaken with blitzkrieg) and partnerships we have established, give us a great seance of pride. In terms of my own growth, I’ve done a complete 180 going from an investor analyst role, to someone doing evangelical sales with some of the most noticeable players in the gaming industry.

What’s your favourite part of working at Hadean?

There’s a great sense of community here, as well as working in a young team which is a contrast to my previous experience. Everyone is quite diverse in their talent and background but all remain very driven. At the same time it’s working with people like Rashid, our CTO, who are creatives in the industry, and having the capability to work well-seasoned executives like Craig, our CEO.

What is Hadean to you?

It’s cutting edge technology that allows creative visions of games I’ve always dreamed of playing, to be put into live scenarios. Beyond this, it’s about far more than gaming; it’s about Life Sciences and cancer research, smart cities projects, sentient AI and for some like our CEO it’s about living an extra 20 years. Hadean allows people to have the flexibility of choosing their own vision as our solution is so universally applicable.

If you could be a dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be?

Carnotaurus, as it seems to be the most driven among skeletons.

How many developers does it take to eat a box of 6 doughnuts, and why?

No comment (...depending on which dev we’re talking about).

What do you think people should know about Hadean?

If you are interested in building aeroplanes while flying them then this might just be the place for you – It’s a very inclusive culture that allows you to scale yourself beyond your contractual call of duty.