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Gamescom: The Action So Far

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It’s been an exciting week for everyone from Team Hadean.

We kicked off the action with a talk at devcom, the developer-focused event that leads into gamescom. We spoke about the technology behind EVE: Aether Wars and how we brought thousands of space pilots into the same single-shard battle. We went really deep on the tech, giving the audience the first public view behind the curtains at the magic that powers our pioneering Aether Engine technology.

That brought us onto our stunning EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest, where we pushed the gameplay experience further than Phase One while proving how performant and cost-effective our tech is with thousands and thousands of pilots doing battle in the same multiplayer battle. Over 20,000 ships were destroyed and 1.2 million missiles were fired in the chaotic free-for-all, that has had games industry professionals buzzing about the creative possibilities our tech will unlock for them.

Make sure you watch the highlights if you missed out on taking part in the unique multiplayer battle.

Then there’s gamescom itself. One of the biggest gaming events in the world, we’ve grabbed booth space among some of the coolest game tech companies in the world (and, somewhat selfishly, some of the coolest games too… we haven’t had to go far to check out Streets of Rage 4!).

We’ve been demoing our Aether Engine SDK to everyone from developers to publishers to creatives to investors, giving them a chance to ask questions on our distributed gaming engine that powered our EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest and see our unique technology in action. It’s a lot of hard work to get to this point, where we can showcase what we do at one of the biggest events in the world, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the reactions (and the shock!) when we show what we can do to developers.

And it’s not over yet! We’ve got one more day at gamescom before we fly back to London to continue pushing and refining our technology, so make sure you drop by our booth before we go. We’re located at Hall 2.2 in B-057 and we’d love to chat with you, whether you’re a publisher, developer… or simply curious!

See you soon.