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GDC 2019: We Did It - 10,000 Ships In A Single Battle!

  • Gaming

We said we’d bring 10,000 ships together for a single battle in EVE: Aether Wars.

And we did.

We wanted to rock GDC 2019 with the biggest battle ever seen in gaming. We wanted to see 10,000 space pilots go head to head and see what chaos resulted. Most importantly, we wanted to push our distributed simulation engine - Aether Engine - where no tech has ever been pushed before.

With 3852 real players joined by AI connected clients, we saw a total of 14,274 ships battling it out in deep space at GDC 2019. It’s a massive accomplishment for our Aether Engine tech and for gaming as well, as this is a huge step in the journey towards lifting the technological barriers that gaming creatives have to wrestle with for far, far too long.

This is a big moment for everyone here at Hadean as well.

We’re extremely proud of Aether Engine. Powered by Microsoft Azure and used by Francis Crick Institute for research into tackling diseases like cancer, we already know how good our technology is. Aether Engine is also built on top of HadeanOS, our cloud-first operating system, that has rewritten the clunky, outdated technology stack holding back software developers.

But there’s nothing quite like doing something unprecedented with your technology, in a live setting, at a global conference, with no safety net. Which is exactly why we wanted to host the 10,000-ship EVE: Aether Wars showcase at GDC 2019 - to show how confident we are in our tech.

There’s going to be lots to come over the coming days and weeks and months breaking down how we achieved what we did. There will be infographics, videos and tech blogs. There will be a panel at EGX Rezzed discussing our GDC showcase. There will even be more tests using Aether Engine, which we will welcome you to be part of.

There’s a lot of data to parse through, to digest, to learn from. In short; this is the start of something really exciting. There’s no time to celebrate though, as we’ve got the rest of the expo to get through! Come find us at Stand S366 if you want to try EVE: Aether Wars for yourself and have a chat to the engineering team about the tech.