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GDC 2019: CCP Games CEO Talks Emergent Gameplay

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GDC 2019 has only just started and Hadean has been busy. We have opened GDC with the very first talk at the expo, we have seen 10,000 ships do battle at our stand in EVE: Aether Wars… and now we have hosted a talk from legendary games industry figure Hilmar V. Petursson, CEO of CCP Games.

Hadean partnered with CCP Games for EVE: Aether Wars, a groundbreaking tech demo that will explore opportunities for largescale multiplayer simulation in CCP’s current and future games, so it made sense that the studio’s boss would be on our stand shortly after the tech demo concluded.

When we made EVE Online, our original intention was to have a few 100 people fighting together but EVE Online has taken it to 6,142 players in a single battle, the world record. We continue to patch up the servers to make it work and one of the reasons to do this experiment is to see if we have the ability to take a substantial leap forward with Aether Engine. We're always looking for ways to deliver and I think the combination of Aether Engine and some of the streaming solutions we're seeing now will help us deliver this.

Hilmar spoke about the EVE community and some of his ideas for the future of EVE, along with how Aether Engine and some of the streaming solutions announced at GDC will help his team deliver that vision. We’ll have a video of the talk online soon - we’d like to thank Hilmar for his time on our stand today and we’d like to thank CCP Games for their continued support and expertise with EVE: Aether Wars.

If you’re at GDC 2019, make sure you drop by our stand at S366 in South Hall tomorrow, as we have two more great talks lined up. Russ Clarke, CEO of Payload Studios, will be talking about ‘How Community Drives Development and TerraTech’. TerraTech is an open-world sandbox adventure where you build, craft and battle using vehicles you have created yourself. There’s going to be some fun stories in this talk so make sure you join Russ on our stand, from 10.30 to 10.45 on Thursday 21 March.

That will be followed by a talk from the man with one of the coolest job titles in the games industry! Andreas Pohl, Microsoft’s Global Black Belt for Games Development, will tell us ‘Why Hadean Is The Next Step In The Evolution Of Multiplayer Game Servers’. With Microsoft Azure powering our Aether Engine tech, Andreas will go deep into the tech powering the future of online multiplayer and why we’re a perfect fit. Andreas will be talking from 11.00 to 11.15 and, again, this will be on Thursday 21 March on our stand.

Don’t forget, we also have the ‘offline’ version of EVE: Aether Wars available to play for the duration of GDC 2019, with our engineers on hand to answer any questions you may have about our tech. Drop in or email press@hadean.com to book an appointment!