GDC 2019: Payload Studios And Microsoft Talk At Hadean

Hadean Team
Mar 21, 2019 7:38:33 PM

We work hard and we play hard at Hadean and so, it’s fitting that we work hard and play hard at GDC 2019 as well. We opened GDC with its first talk and followed it up with our live 10,000-ship battle, powered by our pioneering Aether Engine tech. It’s been all go from us and it was nice to have a change of pace and host talks from Payload Studios founder and CEO Russ Clarke followed by Microsoft’s global black belt of game development, Andreas Pohl.

Payload Studios, of course, is the creator of the brilliant TerraTech. If you’re not familiar with  TerraTech, it’s a physics-based sandbox game, where you can create the vehicles you want with hilarious and chaotic results.

Russ Clarke

It’s the unpredictable nature of seeing what your creations can do that’s led to TerraTech having a thriving community amongst gamers, influencers, industry professionals and… us! We love TerraTech, so it was great to hear Russ talk about how community drives development and TerraTech, all from the comfort of our stand.

Andreas Pohl is Microsoft’s champion for games development, working with studios on highly scalable systems and backend architectures. With Aether Engine powered by Microsoft Azure, he isn’t just a great spokesperson for the integration between Microsoft and Hadean. He’s the perfect person. He’s a global black belt, after all!


Andreas spoke about cloud native games, our EVE: Aether Wars tech demo and he also spoke about why Hadean is the next step in the evolution of multiplayer game servers.

We’ll have videos of both talks online soon. In the meantime, we’d like to thank Russ Clarke and Andreas Pohl for their time and we hoped everyone at GDC 19 enjoyed their talks.

Don’t forget we’ll be at stand S366 for the duration of the show, so drop by to get your hands on our EVE: Aether Wars tech demo and talk to our team.

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