Written by Michael Gunadi

1 min read

Hadean’s Aether Engine boosted by Google Cloud Platform

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We’re pleased to announce that Hadean will use Google Cloud Platform to power Aether Engine, our distributed simulation engine.

Here at Hadean, we’re changing the nature of distributed compute, and our mission is to enable and empower the world to effortlessly harness limitless computing power to realise the greatest opportunities of today and tomorrow. Today’s announcement means even more choice for our consumers, as we grow and evolve Aether Engine to continue our mission.

Google is making waves in the cloud-game space thanks to its Stadia announcement, which allows gamers to play triple-A video games across all kinds of screens, so Google Cloud Platform feels like a natural fit to power our pioneering Aether Engine technology.

This news also follows on from our announcement earlier this year that Aether Engine has partnered with Microsoft Azure to unlock new possibilities in Gaming, Life Sciences, Simulation and AI.

We’ve demonstrated the powerful versatility of Aether Engine across different fields in the tech industry. From our live 14,000-ship EVE: Aether Wars battle at the biggest games development conference in the world to the ground-breaking biomolecular simulation work that we’re doing with the Francis Crick Institute, we continue to break ground and redefine what’s possible with our technology.

The future is bright for Hadean… keep an eye on this space for another big announcement coming very soon!