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Hadean At GDC - Talk Schedule And EVE: Aether Wars Details

Mar 14, 2019 11:01:40 AM

GDC is just around the corner... and we’ve got lots planned for the San Francisco conference!

We’ll be bringing a small army from Hadean to showcase Aether Engine, the world’s first distributed gaming engine. To do that, we’ll have our EVE: Aether Wars tech demo, that we’ve built with CCP Games, on show throughout GDC. You can find our stand at S366 in South Hall, where we’ll be stationed from Wednesday March 20 to Friday March 22.

We also hope you can join us for the opening talk of GDC. When GDC expo throws open its doors at 09:00 PST on Wednesday March 20, you can find us in Room 2011 in West Hall talking about “The Tech Driving the Future of Multiplayer.” This hour-long talk will see Hadean’s Craig Beddis (CEO) and Rashid Mansoor (CTO) offering a deep dive into Aether Engine, explaining the problems it will solve in online multiplayer development and what sort of creative possibilities our tech will enable for games developers.

This talk then leads to our big GDC showcase, as we demo EVE: Aether Wars with 10,000 ships. This will be the biggest battle ever seen in gaming and we can’t wait to see what carnage unfolds. We welcome all PC players around the world to participate in our EVE: Aether Wars showcase! You can sign up here:

If you’re at GDC you can also take part on our stand, S366 in South Hall, at 10:30 to 11:30 PST on Wednesday March 20. We recommend that you attend our opening talk and then make your way to our stand to see the record attempt take place live.

Don’t worry if you miss our 10,000-player attempt extravaganza. We’ll have an ‘offline’ version of EVE: Aether Wars available to play throughout GDC, so you will still get to experience our pioneering tech at any point during the expo. Our engineers will be on standby to answers any questions you have about our tech and our project while you poke and prod at our interactive demo. After all, that’s why we’re there! So feel free to visit our stand and get hands-on with EVE: Aether Wars and find out from us how Aether Engine can help you realise your wildest creative ambitions for your game.

It’s not just the opening talk where you’ll get to hear our insight at GDC. Hadean’s Aidan Hobson Sayers (Head of Product) will be at Microsoft’s stand giving a talk called “A Vision for the Future of MMO Development”, examining how Aether Engine can move MMOs past the current technological and creative roadblocks slowing down the genre’s evolution. This talk will take place on Thursday March 21 at 14:30 PST at Microsoft’s stand over at S427.

We’ll also be hosting three talks on our stand at S366 throughout GDC.

We’re thrilled to be hosting a talk from none other than Hilmar V. Petursson, CEO of legendary studio CCP Games. On Wednesday 20 March at 12:30 PST, Hilmar will be talking about “Emergent gameplay: What has CCP learnt over the years?” As creators of hugely influential space MMORPG EVE Online, CCP Games definitely has an interesting story or two to share from their experiences over the years... make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

We’ll kick Thursday morning off with a talk from Russ Clarke, CEO of Payload Studios. Payload Studios is the creator of the brilliant TerraTech and Russ will be talking about “How community drives development and TerraTech”. If you want to know what development of a physics-based, vehicle-building game looks like, here’s your chance to hear exclusive insight into Payload’s chaotic world! This talk will also be on our stand, at 10:30 to 10:45 PST.

Finally, one of our (many!) big announcements in recent weeks is that Microsoft Azure is powering Aether Engine. So we’re pleased to announce that Andreas Pohl, Microsoft’s Global Black Belt for games development, will be talking at our stand from 11:00 to 11:15 PST on Thursday. Andreas will be talking about “Why Hadean is the next step in the evolution of multiplayer game servers” and as one of the global thought leaders on highly scaleable systems and backend architectures, we can’t wait to hear his expert knowledge on the subject matter.

Phew. That’s a lot of content packed into three exciting days! If you’d like to book time with EVE: Aether Wars, to guarantee you’ll manage to get your hands on our project no matter how busy we get during GDC, get in touch with us at

See you at the show.

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