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Hadean & CCP To Attempt World Record with EVE Aether Wars: Phase Three at EVE London

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The news is finally out: EVE Aether Wars: Phase Three is happening on November 23 2019, with CCP Games and the EVE Online community attempting to break their world record for the most concurrent players in a single multiplayer PVP battle.

EVE Aether Wars is a collaboration between Hadean and CCP Games to explore and push the boundaries of multiplayer gaming with our cloud-first engine, Aether Engine. At GDC19, we a live demo with 14,274 connected clients in a single-instanced, multi-region game world. And at Gamescom this year, we showcased a gameplay demo that a seven-person team at CCP Games built in just eight weeks with over 4,000 players from 88 different countries participated.

EVE Aether Wars: Phase Three will be broadcast live at EVE London, the culmination of the epic Invasion Tour, at the O2 Arena in London.

Microsoft Azure, CCP Games and Hadean are partnering with Steam and PlayFab to provide the best player experience possible. Pre-registered players will be invited to participate in select alpha tests in the lead up to the final demo on 23rd November.

If you want to be part of this world-record beating effort, pre-register on Steam.