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Hadean Teams Up with CCP Games For 10,000-Player Deathmatch At GDC 2019

Mar 6, 2019 2:02:16 PM

Strap yourselves in, space pilots – we’ve got a huge announcement for you!

CCP Games, creators of enormously influential spaceship MMO game EVE Online, will be providing their EVE Online and EVE: Valkyrie assets for our ground-breaking Aether Wars tech demo at GDC 2019. That’s not all, as we’ll also be working with CCP Games to explore opportunities around largescale multiplayer simulation in CCP’s current and future games.

CCP Games is a legendary games developer, enjoying a well-earned reputation as tech-driven leaders in the gaming industry. If you’re not familiar with CCP Games, this video celebrating 15 years of EVE Online gives you a taste of their genre-defining work:



Now dubbed EVE: Aether Wars, this collaboration is a 10,000-player deathmatch that we’ve created specifically to showcase what our Aether Engine technology can do. As the world’s only distributed simulation engine built upon a cloud-first operating system, HadeanOS, we wanted to create something that shows the power of our Aether Engine technology. What better way to show our technology off to the world than breaking the gaming record for the most players involved in a single online multiplayer battle?

We’ve built a pioneering team of engineers but we’re not game developers. By bringing CCP’s gaming expertise and assets on board, we can focus on our strength – building world-class technology that will redefine what game developers can create.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a talk from CCP Games’ CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson on our stand at GDC. He’ll be talking “Emergent Game Design: What has CCP learnt over the years?” at 11:00 PST on Wednesday 20 March. Our stand at GDC is S366.

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