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Meet Hadean At The Following Events

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The Hadean machine keeps rolling forward...

As we continue to build and refine HadeanOS and Aether Engine, following our successful GDC outing, Hadean is looking to the future and so we thought we’d update you with events that Hadean will be present at across the next few months. We’d love to meet you if you’re thinking of attending any of these events, so if you are, please get in touch with us at ryank@hadean.com.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo, Birmingham: May 15-16

The first event we’ll be attending is Med-Tech Innovation Expo, which takes place in Birmingham’s NEC.

As the UK’s leading showcase for medical design and manufacturing technology, it’s an event we naturally want to be present at, given our pioneering Aether Engine technology is currently being used by the Francis Crick Institute to simulate large and complex models of protein-protein interactions, researching novel binding sites for tackling diseases like cancer. Additionally, that work has already been covered by Med-Tech themselves, so it makes sense that we’d attend Med-Tech’s very own event.

The expo runs for two days and Hadean will be present at Med-Tech Innovation Expo on the second day, Thursday 16th May, as we plan to attend talks that align with our own work and interests - disruptive innovation in healthcare, introducing disruptive technologies to market and so on. It’ll be great to catch up with old faces and meet new ones too, so let us know if you’ll be attending the event.

NOAH19, Berlin: June 13-14

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be participating in NOAH19, which takes place in STATION Berlin on June 13 and 14.

NOAH brings together senior executives, leading experts and investors from across segments driven by digital revolution, making it one of the biggest events of the year. Previous speakers at NOAH have included Uber CEO Dara Khorowshahi, Generation Investment Management chairman Al Gore and Siemens Healthineers CEO Dr. Bernd Montag, which speaks to the caliber of guest that NOAH attracts.

We’re excited to share more details of our talk soon, so watch this space!

Curry On, London: July 15-16

Here’s an event much closer to home! Following successful outings in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Rome, Curry On will descend on London this year, taking place in Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Our very own Aidan Hobson Sayers will be giving a talk at the tech conference: ‘A Vision for Debugging Distributed Applications’. As our Head of Product, Aidan is the perfect person to talk to if you have an interest in Hadean and its tech. Those who follow Hadean with keen interest might remember that Aidan has recently given a talk at GDC about the future of MMO development on Microsoft’s own booth.

That’s all we can talk about for now but we’d love to meet you if you’re thinking of attending any of these events, even if it’s just in a social capacity! Again, get in touch at ryank@hadean.com if you’d like to arrange a meeting at MedTech Innovation Expo, NOAH19 or Curry On London.

Hopefully, we’ll see you there!