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Building On A Successful Foundation: Looking Back At The Last Quarter

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At Hadean, there’s a joke internally about my quips that have slowly become instilled into our vernacular. Alongside these gobbets of wisdom, something else I’ve brought into the company are Quarterly Business Reviews [QBR] where, every quarter, the company comes together for a check-in about key topics, including:

  • Where we have come from this quarter and review major milestones,
  • Where we are going next quarter and what are our milestones ahead are, and
  • How we can approach upcoming challenges.

During the last quarter, the team delivered some fantastic work including delivering EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two during Gamescom. 

This was an important step as, when we released EVE Aether Wars: Phase One at GDC earlier this year, we launched Hadean onto the public stage. Gamescom acted as our European announcement, as GDC had for the States. Whilst we were out in Cologne our CTO, Rashid Mansoor, and VP of Product, Aidan Hobson Sayers, gave a talk on ‘How We Tackled A Gaming Record’ at Devcom, talking through the technical complexities of delivering EVE: Aether Wars with our partner, CCP Games.


During the same period, we also completed our work with the Francis Crick Institute who used Aether Engine to run large-scale simulations. The research into protein-protein interactions of large and complex models was focussed on tackling diseases like cancer with the findings set to be published in a joint paper in early-2020. 

We announced our Aether Engine SDK was available in August as early-access for partners. This was in preparation as we move towards the full commercial release in early-2020 which will allow us to engage more studios, disseminating the power of Aether Engine, allowing us to gather more feedback and make further improvements.

Away from our public showcases, we also held our second Hadeathon, our own internal hackathon, where we had numerous new innovations come out including:

  • Aether Engine on Message Passing Interface [MPI] by Francis Russell
  • Unreal Engine <> Aether Engine Plugin by Norbet Ozdoba
  • Automated Metrics Collection & Logging for HadeanOS by Yuxuan Xui & Thiago Lam

However, the ‘Best Innovation Idea’ prize was given to one of our Research Engineers, Patrick Gordon, who developed and proposed his Live Distributed Debugging Tool. Live debugging is the gold standard and enables the user to see what’s going wrong, the moment it goes wrong providing a developer experience and productivity solution that is 10x better than the next best offering. All of this means that Aether Engine and HadeanOS applications can be built faster and with fewer experts than any other application.

This is just the latest in what has been a period of significant growth for Hadean. Since early last year, Hadean has more than doubled across nearly all departments, building the foundation so we can achieve our goals for next year and beyond. During this time we’ve seen major achievements including formal partnerships with Microsoft and Google, raising $10m in April led by Draper Esprit, Latterell Venture Partners [LVP], and Aster Capital, as well as Proof of Concepts booked in with other potential partners, including Wargaming.

Looking forward, it’s an incredibly exciting time for Hadean. The team has produced some amazing work so far and, having built the foundation over the last few months, we are now poised to achieve our goals for next year. It’s going to be an exciting ride.