Written by Craig Beddis

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Scalable Sustenance: An Evening of Industry Friends and Partners

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When we decided to become more public-facing earlier this year, at GDC 2019, we wanted to place the spotlight solely on the opportunity HadeanOS and Aether Engine offer within Cloud Gaming space. At the time, this was a perfect debut as we could then launch ourselves forward to take on more funding from prospective investors, accelerating our growth and product development.

Six months prior to GDC, we began our partnership with  CCP Games on our first special project; EVE: Aether Wars. Our efforts were entirely focussed on a world-record-breaking attempt by having 10,000 players in a single death-match.

Our work at GDC was not unrewarded with the galactic deathmatch topping out at 10,412 participants and a partnership that was keen to develop even closer ties. GDC also highlighted a level of reaction and response that far exceeded our expectations with PUBG’s Brendan Greene describing the tech as “paradigm-shifting”. 

During the show, we held a dinner with prospective and existing partnerships to celebrate this new technological milestone. From a company perspective, we were happy to also close our Seed Round Extension funding of $10m.

Post-GDC, our team has been hard at work on the second phase of showcasing the combined efforts of both CCP and Hadean with EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two. This playtest would fall in August, in-line with Gamescom 2019

Eight weeks from the start of Gamescom, we put our Aether Engine SDK in the hands of 7-person team at CCP and they built EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two. They designed and rebuilt the gameplay experience from the ground-up from within Aether Engine – a complete rewrite of the game from the GDC playtest.

On August 18th, just hours before Gamescom opened, EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two launched and thousands of MMOG fans duly turned up online for battle. The bloody space battle lasted over an hour, proving the hypothesis that large-scale MMO's can be built in the cloud at a fraction of the time and cost previously assumed.

For the second phase, we focused on performance – doubling the tick rate to 32Hz – and efficiency – bandwidth was reduced by a factor of 100x from EVE Aether Wars.

Later this year, we will be showcasing further examples of our technology and will again be hosting dinners, facilitating discussions and conversations around the opportunity cloud computing offers. We are always looking to grow our network, even during these times where we aren’t actively seeking funding.

We look forward to meeting many of you at one of these events: