Written by Feliks Olko

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Slush 2019: The Finns Know How To Hold An Event (and a Party…)

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Slush, the annual startup tech conference held in Helsinki, brings together the world’s tech elite and this year was no different. Attending with our CEO, Craig Beddis, and CTO, Rashid Mansoor, I was fortunate enough to experience one of Scandinavia's biggest shows, hosting over 25,000 attendees from 4,000 startups, and 2,000 investors from over 130 countries to participate together in this global networking festival.Slush has emerged since it’s early days into a powerhouse event – a flocking point for executives, investors, and enthusiasts alike all looking to learn more from new, emerging, and disruptive technologies and industries. Hadean had already begun building relationships in the region, highlighted by our partnership with CCP Games and building EVE Aether Wars, and we were keen to discover new partners and build on our existing relationships.

Before even arriving at the event, it was clear that the speaker lineup was enviable with big names from the world of finance and venture capital, technology, and gaming including Michael Moritz, John Collinson, Andreas Weigend, and Kevin Lin.


“The best companies are creatures of founders’ obsession. If you look at companies of merit, these were creations of founders’ obsession in a specific area. It was a consequence of someone’s obsession. If you are not obsessed, clearly don’t start a company. You also have to understand the economics of the area of your company. And do not compromise on the quality of the people you hire, even when it’s tempting to settle. It’s so critical.”
– Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital – Partner

Not just this, but there were also huge opportunities for us to share Hadean’s mission and tout the achievements of Aether Engine within gaming, biotech, and beyond. As such, I was hard at work before we arrived, to ensure our itinerary was neatly filled with meetings allowing us the opportunity to find new partners, catch up with industry friends, share our vision and get the insight scoop on the hottest new technologies out there. 

"We’re excited to be part of an event that brings together people from all corners of the gaming ecosystem into one room. From studio heads, through military simulation, to cloud streaming platforms and industry analytics experts. The effective use of cloud computing will be a needle mover across industries and it is great to see the top gaming organisations engage wholeheartedly with this new wave."
– Rashid Mansoor, Hadean – CTO & Co-Founder


Rashid was also invited by Polystream to attend their panel at Slush Fast Forward covering the conversation around cloud gaming. Given the topic has become a mainstream conversation once more, Rashid was invited to discuss how traditional game development is being disrupted thanks to the introduction of the cloud, highlighting who the leading players are in this space, as well as the ones to watch in the future.

Overall, the event was a huge opportunity and one that we greatly enjoyed. We got to meet some fantastic individuals. We will be sharing more news that has come from our travels from Slush, G-Star, Web Summit and beyond over the coming weeks.