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Jan 23, 2019 2:00:00 PM

All roads are leading towards GDC 2019 but that doesn’t mean that we can’t check out a few interesting pit-stops along the way.

PC Connects is a great example. The two-day conference brought all the major players in the global PC gaming industry together and it was held in The Brewery, just a few minutes away from our offices. Speakers at the conference included games industry legend Ian Livingstone, King senior producer Sabrina Carmona, Francois Alliot who created indie smash hit Reigns… and our very own Michael Gunadi! 



Heading up the PC Revolution track at the conference, Michael spoke to a packed room about cloud tech, what cloud tech means for gaming and what Hadean could enable the games industry to do through Aether Engine.


Just a few minutes after his talk was finished, Michael then took part in a speedpanel about the future of PC gaming, discussing topics as broad as Microsoft’s plans to reach two billion gamers through streaming, how AI can influence the industry and why ‘Netflix of gaming’ continues to endure as a phrase to explain cloud tech in gaming.


That we managed to secure both a talk and a panel spot shows Hadean’s growing influence as we continue to build momentum for GDC. It was also great to check out some of the fascinating indie games in the PC Connects showcase and also attend some of the talks. Robot Cache is promising big things with its PC games distribution model and it was also wonderful to hear some of the stories behind Reigns: Game Of Thrones, as told by its director.


Our next stop is Yorkshire Games Festival on Sunday 10th February, where we’ll be speaking to the young audience there about how online multiplayer works before taking part in the BAFTA Careers Bar straight after the talk.

That’s another pit-stop on the way to our main destination - GDC. If you’d like to meet us out there, then please get in touch with us at or alternatively, you can come and see us at the show-floor at S366.

See you at GDC!

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