Written by Michael Gunadi

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Unlocking the potential of the Intelligent Cloud & Edge with Microsoft Azure

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We’re extremely excited to announce that Aether Engine, our distributed simulation engine, will be powered by Microsoft Azure to unlock new possibilities in Gaming, Life Sciences, Simulation and AI.

At Hadean, our mission has always been to empower developers to solve the world’s most challenging and impactful computational problems, and we are pleased to do so with a partner as ambitious as Microsoft. As one of the foremost pioneers of modern computing, and with their expertise as an OS, Cloud, and Gaming company, we are pleased to be working with Microsoft to unlock the potential of the Intelligent Cloud and Edge.

Both our hugely ambitious 10,000 player gaming experience, Aether Wars, and the ground-breaking biomolecular simulation work that we’re doing with Francis Crick Institute are being brought to life on Microsoft Azure. We’re delighted to work with the Azure Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Studios teams to usher in a cloud-first era in Gaming and bring new possibilities in game design to life.

Our longstanding relationship dates back to when we passed through the 2016 cohort of the Microsoft Accelerator program in London, and we have worked closely with the Azure team since day one. By integrating with Microsoft’s extensive and powerful suite of tools, we will allow developers to seamlessly write, run, and scale applications at any size on the cloud with all of the software that they already use today.

If you are a game developer or studio and attending GDC 2019, make sure you say hi at both the Hadean and Microsoft booths! We’d love to help you and your team bring your most ambitious ideas to life.