Written by Craig Beddis

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A Meeting Of The Minds at Web Summit 2019

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Greetings from Portugal!

Myself and some of the team, including Rashid (Chief Technology Officer), Michael (Vice President of Sales & Marketing) and Feliks (Business Development Manager, Gaming) have just touched down and are looking forward to what should be a successful and enjoyable Web Summit 2019.

This year, the conference is yet again playing host to a wide-range of speakers from far-reaching verticals including Tech and Pharma, Charities to Sport. One of the things for me that I’m most looking forward to is meeting some of the exciting and fascinating speakers who are giving talks this year.

I’ll be giving a brief talk whilst we’re in Lisbon on the subject of Finding Your Company’s Genius Zone on Wednesday, November 6 at the Growth Summit at 11:05. On the same day, our team will have a booth at G 126 – so do come along and say hello.

Finally, we are also looking forward to holding our Hadean Breakfast for partners, new & old, to talk all things tech, data, computing and the opportunities these offer.

For all those attending, I hope you have a fantastic Web Summit. We’ll be posting more information about what we are getting up to whilst out in Lisbon so keep an eye open. 

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