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Why A Bunch Of Engineers Decided To Build An Engine Tech Demo (And Attempt To Set A World Record)

Mark Wright
Jan 22, 2019 4:00:00 PM


Our operating system, HadeanOS, forms the bedrock of all of our lofty ambitions, and we realise that to make that operating system a success we need to prove its scale and performance credentials.

What better way to prove it than the game industry, an industry that eclipses movies, TV and publishing and spans generations of players.

With video games, in one form or another, now being played by 1 in 3 people globally and worth over $140bn per year, the gaming industry has a pedigree in bleeding edge technological change, and has influenced everything from visualisation to A.I and hardware design.

We realise how important the gaming industry is as a test bed for new and exciting technology at scale and its importance in the global economy. 

The question for us isn't why would a bunch of engineers build a gaming engine demo to test Aether Engine? It's why wouldn't we.

Going Beyond 6,142 Players

We’ve developed an engine technology demo using our spatial simulation platform, Aether Engine. The demo is a game that’s at least 100 times larger than anything you can play today.

The current state of the art is around 100 players in real-time with EVE Online holding the current world record of 6,142 players with heavy time dilation (time dilation is when gameplay is slowed to less than real-time) - We're aiming for an insane 10,000 players in real-time! 

We’ve already run tests with 10,000+ AI bots and Aether Engine and HadeanOS have taken it in their stride, so we’re confident in the core technology. However, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not a game studio - we’re a bunch of software engineers and people who are passionate about technology and its transformational potential.

giphyTacoma Narrows Bridge

So, we desperately want and need to test our technology in the wild, with real people, rather than bots whose behaviour we already know in advance. We need to test for real, human emergent behaviour so we can learn about our own Bridge Harmonics.

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