An Overview of HadeanOS

A cloud-native operating system designed for the next generation of distributed compute, enabling real-time computing at any scale.

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Today’s compute landscape is defined by the exponential volume of data generated from a growing number of distributed sources.

With the proliferation of Edge and the Internet of Things, as well as the increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence and neural nets, business and scientific problems are rapidly shifting away from fast transactions and high-throughput but slow batch-processing, to applications that live and die on high-velocity intelligence and insight.

Existing solutions are built on a legacy infrastructure, never designed for distributed compute or modern data requirements.

They are reliant on middleware, adding numerous additional layers of abstraction to an already bloated stack and come with several notable issues:

  • Complex orchestration requirements
  • Diminished performance & reliability
  • Limited ability to scale
  • Difficult to program and debug
  • Lengthy production cycles
  • High operating costs

HadeanOS is designed to address the core technological challenge of modern business and science - the programming of distributed systems to solve large and complex problems in real-time.


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