Redefine your approach to large-scale data

Hadean's Map / Reduce / Filter framework is built to empower the developer.

Instead of a large and complex team executing significant ops work over months or years, a single developer can run a Monte Carlo simulation at arbitrary scale in minutes.


Risk analysis that is ready-made for production

The performance characteristics of JVM make it extremely difficult to produce a risk assessment that can be used for producion purposes.

Hadean's Map / Reduce / Filter framework eliminates the need for any ops or parallelisation work, and instead rapidly executes large-scale analyses that can easily slide into production.

A simplified and powerful developer experience

Hadean's Map / Reduce / Filter framework is built to optimise time-to-market, operating costs, and the effectiveness of your team.

Native Code Performance

Hadean's Map / Reduce / Filter framework runs at native speed, without the need for any additional ops or parallelization work.

Simple Parameter Input

A single developer can run billions of Monte Carlo simulations just as easily as a few by simply changing a few parameters. There's no need to re-write any of the source code.

No Manual Input Necessary

Hadean's Map / Reduce / Filter framework automatically handles all mapping and reduction steps in a Monte Carlo simulation. That means quicker, more powerful analyses without the headache of manual input.

Automated Cloud Interfacing

Hadean's scheduler automatically handles all cloud interfacing, including the provisioning and setup of compute resource. You no longer need to orchestrate or micro-manage any of these element.

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Hadean is an operating system designed for distribution and scale, its distribution first optimizations allow developers to build, run, and scale real-time applications at hyperscale.

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