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Engineered to Explore the Probabilities and Different Outcomes of a FinTech Revolution.

Finance is changing shape and pace. There are an ever increasing number of digital banking channels, from traditional data points to social, mobile and beyond. Instead of slow, cumbersome analysis HadeanOS unlocks reliable, real-time analysis the growing number data-sets, enabling you to perform "what-if" analysis at an unmatched scale.

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Analyze More Scenarios across More Data.
Build a More Intelligent Financial System.

There are so many variables in today's financial systems. So, why are we still performing simulations on static grid infrastructures? Simulations can now fully exploit the cloud!

Run Simulation at Scale with No Ops

You're an analyst, you shouldn't have to rely on a slow big data ops team to deliver infrastructure and slow your analysis down. 

Put big data fatigue behind you and let HadeanOS do the operations work.


Analyze And Make Better Decisions Faster

You don't want to spend months incrementally scaling and regression testing your financial models.

HadeanOS delivers bare metal performance with no clunky server middleware so you can perform bigger simulations, faster!

Explore More Possibilities Than Ever Before

Stochastic variability and uncertainty

By its very nature, risk management deals with uncertainty about future conditions. HadeanOS gives you the flexibility to include vast uncertainty into your simulations.

Represent Random Discrete Events 

HadeanOS has the capability to combine any number of random events in real-time  and test the emergence of positive and negative scenarios.

Massive Multi-scale Models

Construct massive multi-scale models and simulate economic situations at a fidelity never achieved before.

Cloud Agnostic

Runs on all of the major clouds, and on-premise, so you're free to choose where to run your simulations.

Dynamic Provisioning 

Only use the compute resource that you need to, when you need to. HadeanOS dynamically manages servers as compute needs arise.


See for Yourself

Watch a short Monte Carlo VAR calculation demo

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