Build worlds of unprecedented size and complexity

Design your game without constraints. The Aether Engine's distributed octree dynamically shrinks and grows across your cloud or data centre in response to events in your game world.

With unbounded environmental sizes and uncapped levels of complexity, the Aether Engine is capable of bringing your most ambitious ideas to life.


A fully modifiable toolkit for any development scenario

The Aether Engine comes with all tools and source code to make it your own. Implementations can be tweaked, improved, or replaced, and is fully compatible with any existing game engine.

Whether you're an indie developer or a AAA studio, the Aether Engine is built with the flexibility in mind to give you what you need.

Game design without the compromise

The Aether Engine allows you to easily build, iterate, and run online games without worrying about any engineering limitations.

Dynamic Complexity

The Aether Engine intelligently adapts to in-game scenarios. If a castle explodes, the physics of that region will be rendered exteremely granularly. Once the explosion passes, the complexity of that area will level off.

Elastic Resource Allocation

The Aether Engine automatically provisions, allocates, and reclaims machines based on your game's needs. Forget about orchestration or low-level engineering and focus on your game.

Persistent 3D Worlds

Build games with a living and breathing memory. The Aether Engine's persistence layer maintains a constant serialised state that allows your game world to exist and evolve - even if your players aren't logged on.

Dedicated Service Layer

The Aether Engine offers performance and scalability for all of your non-game loop tasks as well. Multi-user communication, auction house, and inventory systems can all be added to your game easily.

Find out more about the Aether Engine 

See our Solution Brief for additional information about how the Aether Engine can improve your game development experience.


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