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Engineered for the Demands of a New Generation of Real-time, Persistent, MMO Games.

With HadeanOS and Aether Engine underpinning your game, any player volume or gameplay complexity can be delivered in an instant. Instead of a traditional, over-provisioned MMO architecture, stitched together with complex middleware, HadeanOS dynamically scales your game world seamlessly in real-time.
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Aether Engine & HadeanOS

No more compromises.
Bring your true creative vision to life.

Games are an escape from reality, so why are we letting operational reality get in the way? We don't have to any more!

No Game Play Compromises

You imagined a game with a persistent, fully destructible world. A combination of PvP, FPS, and RPG. It will have have millions of entities and thousands of players. 

Focus on the game logic and let Aether Engine and HadeanOS take care of the scaling.



You want your game world to grow organically, support huge, organised PvP battles, and maybe even a world record. Its going to need a huge effort from your operations team.

No, it won't - Aether Engine and HadeanOS handle all the distributed server operations.

Set your Creativity Free and Build the Future of Gaming

Truly Massive Multiplayer

More players means more fun, but most games tap out at around a hundred players. Imagine if you could play with tens of thousands...


Reality exists at the scales of super-novae down to termites in a mound (and beyond). Shouldn't you be able to build a game that does too?

Dynamic Resolution

Simulate what you need, when you need at the scale you need. Only increase resolution as observers get nearer to the action.

Dynamic Provisioning

Only use the compute resource that you need to, when you need to. Allow HadeanOS to dynamically manage the cluster as compute needs arise.

Entity Component System

Use Aether Engine's standard Entity Component System to build complex actors, behaviours and logic, and bring your game to life.


See for Yourself

Watch our demo with 10,000 players

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