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Engineered for the Demands of Molecular, Cellular, and Population Scale Simulations.

With HadeanOS and Aether Engine you're not constrained to short temporal simulations on complex, shared supercomputing infrastructure. Instead you can run simulations at high resolution, at any scale and for any duration in the cloud.

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Design the Future of Medicine.
Unlock a Biological Moonshot.

Disease affects us all in different ways. Why not simulate these differences at exascale in the cloud? Now you can!

Don't Rely on Timeshare Compute

Research for the greater good of humanity shouldn't be based on time shared access to supercomputing infrastructure.

HadeanOS unlocks the true exascale potential of the cloud, for limitless access and research. 


Put the Cloud to Work at Anytime

You shouldn't have to be an engineer to run a simulation at exascale. You're designing the future of medicine, not computing.

HadeanOS takes care of the engineering, so the code you write on your laptop, will run at exascale.

Unlock the Full Potential of your Research

Multi Force Simulation

Simulate the fundamental forces, field approximations, flocking behaviour, evolutionary pressure - the choice is yours.


The life sciences are interested in scales from nanoseconds and the sub-atomic to years and entire populations. Shouldn't you use a platform that works at those scales too?

Dynamic Resolution

Simulate what you need, when you need at the scale you need. Only increase resolution as observers get nearer to the action.

Dynamic Provisioning

Only use the compute resource that you need to, when you need to. Allow HadeanOS to dynamically manage the cluster as compute needs arise.

Cloud Agnostic

Runs on all of the major clouds so you're free to choose where to run your exascale simulations.


See for Yourself

Watch a short genomic alignment demo

Okay, let's do this!

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