Perform large-scale analysis at rapid speed

The Hadean Genomic Toolkit is purpose-built to work with the vast amounts of genomic data in a given population. Whether it's a set of 100, 1,000, or 100,000 genomes, the HGT provides a consistent and rapid delivery time.

Streamline your production pipeline and significantly improve your time-to-market with the HGT to find the answers to the world's most challenging genomic problems.


An end-to-end Genomics pipeline

The Hadean Genomic Toolkit is a lightweight application layer that allows you to easily input an arbitrary number of sequences and efficiently export massive amounts of aligned genomes to a global genome database.

It uses Variant Calling algorithms on a genomic population to identify the positions of Single-Nucleoid Variants (SNVs) and outputs this data as industry-standard VCF/gVCF files.

Powering breakthroughs in healthcare and medical discovery

The Hadean Genomic Toolkit (HGT) allows data scientists to easily run alignments at exponential speed and scale.

Predictable Execution

HGT provides a constant execution time, whether you're working on a single alignment or one million. Its platform elasticity eliminates the unpredictability of current production methods, and allows you to solve previously unattainable alignment volumes.

Elastic Compute Resource

Compatible with all cloud and on-premise infrastructures. HGT dynamically provisions, allocates, and reclaims machines without the need for any orchestration, allowing you to run alignments of any size with guaranteed resource efficiency.

Industry Standard Outputs

The HGT provides VCF/gVCF files that are ported to a global genome database - a shared knowledge pool to assist in solving the world's most urgent and critical genomic and medical issues.

No Engineering or Ops

Designed for a single data scientist to easily write, ship, and scale algorithms. HGT doesn't require any knowledge or use of abstraction layers such as JVM, Akka, or Erlang, and allows you to focus purely on your science.

Find out more about HadeanOS

Learn how HadeanOS uniques design is suited to large scale genomic alignment.



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