Aether Engine


Building a huge, interactive, fantasy world using Aether Engine.

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We want to place our technology into the hands of everyone. What better way of doing that then having a demo directly on our site?

Aether Engine is a hugely powerful tool and to demonstrate its capabilities, we are building a game which will be available here for everyone to play.

The massive world is set in a far off, fantasy realm populated with Orcs and Humans. The two races are bitter rival and a long-standing war has raged over the world for generations.

The world will not just exist when you play though. It will be forever existing, growing, developing, changing – from play session to play session, the world will evolve and no two sessions will be the same.

Completely powered by Hadean’s Aether Engine, the world is an example of the kind of space developers can do themselves. Only better.

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We are giving developers the chance to use our technology today with our Software Development Kit. Our SDK links directly with each of the major game engines and provides you with the tools to scale your game immediately.

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