Scale-invariant programming to build the world’s most powerful applications

The Problem

Most development is done on a technology stack that was not designed for the scale or pace of modern compute. The excessive middleware used today imposes high rates of failure and unpredictability, a complex developer experience, and significant costs. To solve this fundamental problem, we’ve re-engineered the stack for the distributed computing era.


HadeanOS: a cloud-based operating system

Running on bare metal, HadeanOS eliminates the excessive middleware, orchestration, and ops and engineering. A distributed process model allows HadeanOS to natively spawn processes across any number of machines. Simply write your program as normal and it will be distributed by default, dynamically scaling up and down as necessary with greater performance and reliability.

“Imagine writing a 50 line program to analyze megabytes of data on your laptop. Now imagine applying the same program to terabytes of data, using thousands of processors in the cloud. This is the system Hadean is building. It will enable everyone to access and explore the world's data using unlimited computing power – leading to new understanding, ideas and innovations.”

Professor David May

Professor David May, FREng FRS
University of Bristol


Aether Engine: built on HadeanOS

Aether Engine is a spatial simulation library built around a distributed octree that is comprised of a series of cells. All of this is dynamic and automatically handled, enabling unbounded spatial scaling and levels of fidelity. More complex regions are decomposed into a greater number of cells, while less complex regions are handled by less resource-intensive cells.

“Hadean’s technology has the potential to unlock huge creative and design-oriented freedom within virtual worlds such as EVE”

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson
CEO, CCP Games


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