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bare metal

HadeanOS is the Cloud-first OS that runs on Bare Metal


Make the cloud deliver on its true potential using an OS that's real-time, ready for hyper-scale, and built for a new generation of applications.

“Imagine writing a 50 line program to analyze megabytes of data on your laptop. Now imagine applying the same program to terabytes of data, using thousands of processors in the cloud. This is the system Hadean is building. It will enable everyone to access and explore the world's data using unlimited computing power – leading to new understanding, ideas and innovations.”


Professor David May FREng FRS
University of Bristol

Today: A Bloated Stack.
Tens of millions of lines of code.

As developers you rarely design applications that run on a single machine. Instead, you design for clusters of hundreds and thousands of machines.

The trouble is you have to build your application on top of millions of lines of code you don't control. Your application is by default made slower and less reliable.

Tens of millions of lines of code between the application and hardware

Tomorrow: No Stack.
Tens of thousands of lines of code.

As developers ourselves we concluded this approach was dumb. Why are we trying to build faster, more reliable applications, with buggier code?

So, we decided to build an OS for the cloud. An OS that runs only a few thousand of lines of code on bare metal, and natively distributed compute. Performance where it's needed, at a scale that meets any demand.

Thousands of lines of code between the application and the hardware

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